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A message from Mrs Booth

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hello everyone. We hope that you are all keeping well, safe and coping with the stresses and strains of lockdown. 

Following the Prime Minister’s briefing last night, we wanted to provide a further update regarding the situation in school. 

Present situation

We are currently open for key workers’ children and Year 6.  This provision will continue until Friday 17th July. Unfortunately, we are unable to open to other year groups before the 17thJuly due to space issues, staffing restrictions and our building work. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause families but we have to make decisions based on safety. 


We were delighted to hear the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that all pupils will be able to return in September providing that the virus continues to decline. Therefore, our plan is to open school to all children on Monday 7th September 2020. 

Transition to new classes

We appreciate that moving to a new class can be daunting for some children even under normal circumstances, so we understand that there will be anxiety around coming back to a new class and a new teacher following such a long break. We have asked the class teachers to record a video message to all the children in their new class which will be able to be viewed on the school website in July. Links via a text message will be sent nearer the time to alert parents as to when the messages are available.  We have also asked Class Teachers to telephone all the parents in their new classes to introduce themselves before the end of this term.  Again, we will send out messages regarding the phone calls nearer the time. We will be very mindful of the emotional needs of the children as they return to school and do everything we can to support them to feel happy and safe once again. Please feel free to ring school and speak to Mrs Booth or other members of staff if you have concerns about September.

Year 6 Pupils

It has been a pleasure to welcome some Year 6 pupils back to school this week but we appreciate that many year 6 pupils will not return to St Luke’s. Sadly, it is going to be a very different end to the primary years for this particular cohort.  All the usual celebrations will not be able to take place before the summer, but we are intending to arrange a reunion disco and celebration event in the autumn. Further details to follow.  In the meantime, the Year 6 teachers are planning a further home visit to deliver a farewell gift from the school. 

Reports and Portfolios

We have asked the Class Teachers to provide a brief report for each child, along with a portfolio of their work. Members of staff will deliver these to each child’s home address during July.

Home Learning

We appreciate that most children will continue to be at home until September and ask that parents ring school if they need support with home learning. There is a wealth of resources available online and further individual advice can be provided by class 

teachers. We will send out more links via texts as new resources become available.  Please visit our website to see the new stories and a daily Collective Worship activity, along with a wide range of online resources. We can also provide telephone support for any emotional or behavioural needs so please contact school if you need support.  

Building Work

We have been asked to allow the builders to commence internal work within school as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays.  Due to the current low numbers in school, we have been able to agree to this so that we are still able to open as normal in September. There will be some changes to the layout of the school so a map will be sent out with the reports showing the new positions of some of the classrooms.

I apologise for the amount of information being sent but I am keen that parents feel as informed as possible during this very strange time. As always, please ring school if anything does not make sense or if you have any questions. Thank you for all your emails and calls saying thank you for the presents. The staff very much enjoyed seeing the children again and speaking with our families. We miss you all so much.

May God bless you and keep you safe during this time and I pray we are able to be back together again in September; how wonderful will that be!

Warmest regards

Kindest regards
Mrs Louise Booth (Headteacher)
Laura Hodgkinson (Chair of Governors)
12th June 2020  

Dear Parents/Guardians

Following my earlier letter, I wanted to write to update parents regarding the governors’ decision about reopening school. 

The governors and I have carefully considered the Government’s recommendation to begin reopening school on the 1st of June for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  In making our decision, we have completed a thorough risk assessment sent from the Authority.  Please see a summary of our decision below:

  • The school will continue to provide Child Care for children of key workers, children with EHC plans (where appropriate) and vulnerable pupils every day until Friday 17th July. The school will be closed over the summer holidays for building work.
  • From Monday 8th June, Year 6 pupils will return to school in small groups, following strict social distancing rules. (A full explanation of the new regulations will be shared with parents of children attending) 
  • Year 6 parents can continue to make the choice whether or not to send their child to school. Year 6 children have been selected as we consider that they are old enough to understand social distancing and not become too distressed at the necessary restrictions and drastic changes to school life. 
  • We do not think it is safe for Nursery, Reception or Year 1 pupils to return at the present time. This decision is based on safety and a lack of understanding of social distancing with the younger children. We are also concerned as to the emotional impact on the younger children due to the significant alterations we would need to make to meet the strict Health & Safety regulations.  We will review this regularly and speak to parents if there are changes to our decision.
  • We will continue to ask only those staff members who have no underlying health issues, or who do not live with anyone who has underlying health issues, to attend school. 

We have already spoken to parents in the year groups mentioned above and we are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support we have received. We are also grateful for the support given from the Local Authority in allowing each school to determine its own response to reopening.  

As stated in my previous letter, we are happy to provide more school work for home learning if this is requested by parents.  I refuse to add to the pressure on parents at this difficult time as I know so many of you are juggling looking after children, working from home, running a household, caring for other family members etc.  Everyone is in a different situation so we are keen to respond on an individual basis and I would encourage any parent wanting more support regarding home learning to contact the school. We also have support available for any child who may require emotional support during this difficult time.  

Now that restrictions have been lifted a little, we are hoping staff members will be able to make face to face contact with their pupils over the coming week.  Please be assured that staff know the importance of social distancing and will be very strict about saying hello from a safe distance. Please feel free to contact the school if you are uncomfortable with a visit from school. 

I will be in regular contact as we review our decision but, as always, please feel free to ring and speak to me or to Miss Lane as we are available every day.  Thank you to everyone who has already sent their best wishes and messages of support to the school – I remain so grateful for the warmth and encouragement from parents at this difficult time.  

Kindest regards
Mrs Louise Booth (Headteacher)
Laura Hodgkinson (Chair of Governors)
22nd May 2020                        

Dear Parents/Guardians

We are now in our 8th week since school closed and, following the Prime Minister’s announcement, I wanted to bring everyone up to date with the situation in school. 

Firstly, I hope and pray that all our families are coping with this very strange situation. We have spoken with many families throughout lockdown but I am conscious that 8 weeks is a very long time. I wanted an opportunity to say thank you for all your prayers as, so far, our school community has remained safe and well. We miss you all very much. 

We are very keen for school to return to normal as soon as possible, but only when it is safe to do so. The government would like schools to reopen for a small number of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from June 1st.  Social distancing and a different style of education will be required. Governors and I have not yet decided if it is safe to reopen on June 1st. The Governors’ Leadership Committee will assess the situation nearer the time and inform parents of their decision.

If school does reopen, attendance will be optional and it will be left to parents to decide whether to send their child to school during this pandemic.  We may be required to limit the number of places available.  

School has remained open every day throughout lockdown to provide Child Care for the children of all our amazing key workers. This provision will continue, regardless of our decision concerning June 1st.

Home Learning

Please do not think that we are expecting the children to have been formally home schooled throughout the time the school has been closed.  As parents, please do not underestimate the positive impact of all the things your children have been doing. All the: reading, counting, drawing, playing, talking, watching, listening, making, baking, sharing, digging, building, climbing, riding, tidying, (not sure about that one!) cutting, imagining, sewing, bonding …… the list goes on and on as will the benefits of this precious time at home spent with parents and families.

 Please also remember that for those parents who would like more support with their child’s learning, we have staff available to help. Class teachers are happy to give individual advice, and Miss Holloway is also able to help parents navigate the huge range of on line resources available through our website. 

Key Stage One and Early Years’ children need to look out for ‘story time’ read by our teachers on the school web site.

We are conscious of the demand on devices when children are using on line sites which is why Key Stage 2 children are able to borrow their school iPads throughout this time. Please contact the school if the loan of an iPad would be helpful. 


If all children do not return to school before September, we will make arrangements for various transition activities to happen on line. This is likely to involve a video message from your child’s new class teacher, and telephone calls to parents informing them of their child’s new class. We appreciate that returning to school after such a long absence, and under such strange circumstances, may mean that some children will need extra support and generous doses of TLC!  Please be assured that, when the time comes, we will look after the children very well. 

Building Update 

We are delighted that our building project has continued and are very pleased that the new building and the Specialist Resourced Provision are due to open on time in September.  Please excuse our appearance during the final stages of our project. 

Please ring school and ask to speak to me if you have any questions or concerns, or even if just to keep in touch. Miss Lane and the class teachers are also available, along with Mrs Palmer, our SENCO.

We hope to see everyone again as soon as it safe. I pray for God’s blessings and continued protection on us all.

Kindest Regards
Mrs Louise Booth
14th May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

School is now closed  and we are unable to say when the children will be allowed to return. Along with the rest of the world, we are in shock as to what is happening and unprepared for this situation. I know teachers sent out letters on the last day with ideas for activities which could be completed at home, along with links to useful websites etc. Please do not become stressed regarding homework. Reading as much as possible is absolutely the best activity your children can do over this period. I cannot overemphasize the difference reading can make to the academic future of children. Any kind of book or article will help and many children just need one good book to turn them into readers for life. Reading to younger children every day will give them the best possible start to learning.

We are not expecting children to be home schooled as we know many parents are either working from home, ill, caring for family members, attending work or self isolating. Worrying about becoming a teacher overnight is not what anyone needs at this time.

Our teachers are also involved in all of the above, alongside providing child care for key workers in school. These will be our new roles until we return to school.

The curriculum teaching has been suspended for the time being and will only be resumed once it is safe for school to reopen for all pupils. No child will miss out or fall behind their peers as a result of the closure.

Try and look for the positives in this crazy time. I spoke to the children on Friday about a quote I have displayed at home:

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.

I hope we all can find some ways to ‘dance in the rain’ over the coming months despite the fear, stress and uncertainty.

The office will remain open so please feel free to telephone and speak to me or Miss Lane at anytime.

God bless you and keep you safe.
Mrs Booth

Sadly, domestic violence incidents are increasing due to the current lockdown situation. Safer Leeds have updated their website to include useful information for victims of Domestic Violence and people delivering services. For more information click here.

We have compiled some useful links to free educational websites, which can be found here.


We are very proud of our lovely school and hope you and your children enjoy your time with us. We are determined to help all our pupils achieve to their absolute potential within a warm and caring environment.

We have uploaded our mission statement as we feel this underpins everything we do at St. Luke’s.

We hope that the rest of the information on our website is useful but, please feel free to come and see me about any issues or concerns.

Kind regards,

Mrs Louise Booth

Mission Statement

We believe in God the father and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God for his unconditional love towards us and attempt to reflect such love and kindness throughout our school.

We seek to go ‘the extra mile’ with our children, our families, our staff and our community. (Matthew 5:41)

We are committed to achieving academic excellence with all our children and to removing any barriers to learning.

We ask for God’s guidance, protection and blessing on this place and give him the glory for all the wonders he performs here.


During our last Ofsted inspection in June 2008, inspectors judged the school to be ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

The interim assessment conducted by Ofsted in 2011 indicates that ‘outstanding’ performance has been sustained in all areas.

Our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection in 2018 judged us to be ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

​We have also been listed in the top 250 schools for achievement of all pupils and achievement of our most disadvantaged pupils.

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