Beeston Hill – Leeds

Collective Worship

As some of the Year 6s have returned to school, we have started a new series for Collective Worship called ‘Giants of Faith’.  We thought it would be lovely to share the Collective Worship sessions here so that we can all feel connected while we are still apart from each other.  The resources will be uploaded each day and will be available until the following week.  We hope you enjoy feeling that you are joining in with our school community in this way.


This week we are exploring the story of Job. Mark, from City Evangelical Church, starts our week with another fantastic assembly.


The book of Job in the Old Testament is a short story about the rollercoaster life of a man called… Job! He loved God and had led a life full of blessings. But God tested Job – would he continue to love and trust Him if times were tougher?

What surprised you about the story?
What questions would you like to ask Job?
What questions would you like to ask God?
Did the story remind you of what Mark talked about yesterday?


Alistair, from St Luke’s Church, talks to us about how God gives us the strength to persevere and endure through even the hardest times. How did Job endure? How can we do the same?


Imagine yourself in your bedroom.
Your room is stuffed with toys and presents that your family have bought you over the years.
Now imagine that slowly one by one they disappear.
Watch the shelves and cupboards gradually empty, and the floor gradually appear as there are fewer and fewer things on it.
You haven’t done anything naughty or wrong, and you do not know who or why these things are disappearing.
You look at a photo of your family.
You see their smiles and the love in their faces.
You know no matter what, they love you.
You don’t need toys and things to prove it to you.
Your sadness is still there, but you have hope in your heart.
You trust their love. 

Let’s pray:

Thank you God that in the hard times we can remember that You love us even more than our family does.
Let that be the thing we trust when everything around us looks hopeless. Please bring us back to a time of joy.



Who is the person in your life who you trust the most to be there in the hard times or when life feels a bit like a rollercoaster?
Let’s thank God for them!
How could you do the same for others?
Let’s ask God to show us who we can support and how we can support them.


Enjoy this song about the different Giants of Faith we’re learning about.

Stand up – raise your hands in time to the music
Believe in – hands on hearts
Be brave – strong arms
Push you down – hands towards the floor
Strong and stand your ground – moving hands from side to side showing the ground
You are not alone – hold both hands together

Have a dance to this great song!