Beeston Hill – Leeds

Year 2

Thought for the day

Set 1 – Mrs Davies’ group
Set 2 – Miss Chalders’ and Mrs Bennett’s groups
Set 3 – Miss Walters’ and Mrs Kerry’s Yellow and Blue Groups

When you have done your Speed Sounds Lesson, please go to and click on the button that says ‘My Login’.
Type in the username (mrskerry or misschalders) and the password we gave you on your Home Learning book. 

Choose the Oxford Owl eBook Library

Go to the ‘Series’ menu and choose ‘Oxford Reading Tree’

In your pack you have some instructions for which book to choose and what to do each day – the links below have the same information just in case you lose the sheets!

Mrs Davies’ Group
Miss Chalders’ Group
Mrs Bennett’s Group
Miss Walters’ Group
Mrs Kerry’s Groups


Miss Chalders’ Maths Group
Mrs Kerry’s Maths Group
Mrs Bennett’s Maths Group

Foundation Subjects

Science – Monday 18th January

This week in Science we are learning all about different Food Chains and how energy is transferred from the sun through plants and smaller animals to larger animals. You will need a pencil, scissors, glue and your Mixed Up Food Chains worksheets.

First you need to watch this video.

Then read this What is a Food Chain? video (you may need a grown up to help you with this).

Then complete the Cut and Stick Food Chains worksheet:


If you have missed any of the foundation lessons from previous days, click on the link below and you’ll find it there.

Previous Foundation Subject Lessons

Story Time