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Year 6 Homework Week 4

Dear Year 6 Children,

First of all I wanted to say that I hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves. We really miss you and I promise that once this is all over we will have a celebration of your time at school as I know this year has been so disrupted.

As you know, some of the children in Year 6 have returned to school. So what you will find below is a collection of work that we have been completing in school which you can work through at home if you want to. There is a literacy and maths lesson for each day as well as some of the foundation lessons that we will be completing each week. A new link will be sent to you each week with new weekly work.

I really think you will enjoy reading the book which is part of our literacy work. You can find the entire novel for free at this website:

There is also an illustration competition which you can enter online which I know you will be fantastic at

Keep safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love from

Mr Lillywhite and the Year 5/6 team

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Monday Compare-and-order-numerator-2019
Monday ANSW Compare-and-order-numerator-2019
Monday Flashback
Monday Flashback Answers

Tuesday -Add-and-subtract-fractions-1-2019
Tuesday ANS5-Add-and-subtract-fractions-1-2019
Tuesday Flashback
Tuesday Flashback Answers

Wednesday WO6-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019
Wednesday ANS6-Add-and-subtract-fractions-2-2019
Wednesday Flashback
Wednesday Flashback Answers

Thursday WO7-Add-fractions-2019
Thursday ANS7-Add-fractions-2019
Thursday Flashback
Thursday Flashback answers

Friday WO8-Subtract-fractions-2019
Friday ANS8-Subtract-fractions-2019
Friday flashback
Friday flashback answers


Lesson Presentation Evidence for Evolution
Lesson Plan Evidence for Evolution
Activity Sheet Fossil Evidence for Evolution
Activity Sheet Fossil Record
Living Things Fossilisation Process Cards
Evolution Timeline


Week 4


Week 4


PSHE High School Transition Lesson 4